In case co-operation has been started we carry out entrusted duties with appropriate accuracy and care for your subject’s interest





Starting co-operation with a professional advisor seems to be an extremely important step in the process of insuring a company. It is so because of the need for a professionally designed cover for particular risks that match the requirements and abilities of the subject.




Power of attorney
The first step towards the goal is granting a broker the power of attorney by a company, on the grounds of which the Advisor puts forward an enquiry directed to particular insurance companies and they are obliged to answer it. Such power of attorney does not entail any financial obligation, it is just a formal requirement making it possible to receive offers from insurers.

Analysis of a client from the point of view of correct insurance:

  • identification of risks,
  • assessment of risks,
  • analysis of present insurance,
  • fire appraisal etc.

Enquiry or tender
In order to prepare detailed enquiry, it is necessary to gather economic data which the client should include in a questionnaire attached to an enquiry. Information concerning the Company’s activity is also important.
It is necessary to define the Insurer’s expectations, which will help adjust particular products.

On the basis of an answer received from selected insurance companies we are going to prepare a report including: a description of particular offers, their analysis, comparison, simulation and our suggestions concerning the insurance of your subject.


If the report is accepted by you, it is possible to begin the second stage, which means activities directly aiming at insuring the Company.
The basis for starting the above mentioned activities is signing a Contract of Broker’s Services.

A broker proceeds to negotiating conditions of insurance with a specific Insurer or Insurers (depending on adopted strategy).
The stage finishes with signing insurance policies.
By making use of a broker, a client does not pay a higher premium than in the case of receiving insurance directly from an insurance company. On the contrary, the premium usually decreases and the insurance coverage is often extended.



  • Risk management,
  • Monitoring of performance and course of insurance contracts.

Expert in the field of claims adjustment and risk analysis in technological processes, devices and technological investments.