A broker is a professional advisor representing the client’s interest


Range of services offered


Comprehensive broker’s service includes:

  • preparation of a programme of insurance services taking into account specific needs of the client,
  • best choice of insurance companies,
  • negotiating the most favourable conditions of insurance contract,
  • examination of the financial security level of a signed contract,
  • representing insured clients at the time of claims adjustment,
  • full monitoring of the insurance history in order to modify the scope of protection in case of the change of the subject matter of insurance,

You can let us insure:

  • property against fire and other contingencies,
  • property against burglary and robbery,
  • value of the money in cash-desk and during transport all over the country,
  • third party liability,
  • loss of profit due to casualties,
  • machinery against electrical damage,
  • machinery against damage,
  • against consequences of accidents,
  • property in transport home and abroad,
  • motor vehicles, rail vehicles, ships,
  • tax due and customs due,
  • insolvency of domestic and foreign contracting parties,
  • receivables,
  • any type of building and assembling risk,
  • your product against damages made to third parties,
  • civil liability of carriers and forwarders,
  • civil liability of company management,
  • leased property, mortgage,
  • employees and their families,
  • all types of risks uncommon on the Polish insurance market, according to needs.

Supplementary services

  • passing opinion on concluded insurance contracts,
  • consulting in the field of insurance services,
  • assessment of financial safety of concluded insurance contracts,
  • assessment of existing insurance programmes,
  • passing opinion on trade agreements in respect of financial safety (from the point of view of insurance services),
  • other services.

Cost of additional opinion is determined individually. It includes the following elements:

  • costs of expert appraisement,
  • costs of delegation,
  • costs of reports,
  • costs connected with working out a plan of withdrawing a faulty product from the market, etc.